Dear Caring and Concerned Supporters,

All the work that we have done since the formation of ADNExUS has been challenging, but thrilling. Thankfully you have been with us every step of the way. You continue to support us because you understand that making a difference calls for dedication, determination, and focus, above all else, and for that, we are extremely grateful.

Our beloved Nature Island of Dominica, already in need, has been devastated by a natural disaster of unprecedented proportion twice in the last two years. The country was still recovering from the August 2015 Tropical Storm Erika when Hurricane Maria wreaked its havoc in September 2017.  Dominica, like most countries, was totally unprepared for a natural disaster of that magnitude and although our resilient people’s lives are slowly returning to normality, the vast majority of the population, around 70,000 people, is living without basic necessities.Dominica does not have to be impoverished; this is a country with sufficient resources to provide a good quality of life for the people who see the potential and love their country and culture. In fact, through social media updates, I came across this video which articulates this sentiment in a much more personal and compelling way.  Let us help them help themselves.

When ADNExUS began its activities in 2014, we intended to assist at least one establishment per year that was making a difference in the lives of Dominicans regardless of where they live, by providing them with an opportunity to become self-sufficient.  The Pay It Forward program that we initiated then has been suspended in order to fulfill some more urgent needs on the island. We must continue to meet both needs and we can do this by helping to establish projects as described in the video. Please visit ADNExUS new YouTube page to watch more videos on how we can rebuild and renew our beloved Dominica.

Your encouragement from the beginning has enabled us to:

·      Provide medical supplies to eight major clinics across the island

·      Donate finishing equipment to the Dominica Arts and Crafts Producers Association,

·      Donate a commercial stove for the Home for the elderly in St. Joseph

·      Mobilize to provide relief in the wake of both recent natural disasters

·      Purchase computers for the Dominica Coalition Service Industries

·      Work with our respective associate groups, individually and collectively, to share our culture in our new homeland,

·      Provide meals and scholarships to students at home

·      Support the many fundraisers that finance our activities and projects on the island

The ADNExUS Board wishes to extend our sincere thanks to those individuals, organizations, and companies who embraced the opportunity to support us over the years – SF Pathway, the American Corporate Benefits, Global Bridal Group, Anchorage Hotel, Secret Bay, Delta Airlines, the Caribbean Tourism Organization, the Know Your Culture Dance Troupe, North American Association for the Advancement of LaPlaine, Dominica United Cricket Club and Northeast USA Wesley Chapter , the South Orange-Vailsburg United Methodist Church, Jamaica Organization of New Jersey, Barbados-American Charitable Organization of  New Jersey and countless other individuals.

The effort continues! Please donate.  Call the ADNExUS Donation line (973) 763-1546.  Remember! our family and friends in Dominica are still in need of services and products to help them sustain themselves.

Suggestions: cash, airline tickets, you can share your airlines miles, volunteers to help rebuild homes, skilled laborers like carpenters, plumbers, masons, and don’t forget we need farmers to restore our rich and fertile land with natural foods on what we will always be known for as the NATURE ISLAND!



know your Culture Dance Troop

The Know Your Culture Dance Troupe (KYC) is a Dominican traditional dance company founded in 2008 by Sabeniah George Mingo.

North American Association for the Advancement of La Plaine

The North American Association for the Advancement of La Plaine (NAAAL) was formed on December 1, 2013.

Dominica United Cricket Club (DUCC)

The Dominica United Cricket Club (DUCC) comprises amateur and professional cricketers from across the Island of Dominica living in New Jersey.