Hurricane Maria Relief

On Monday 18 September 2017, Hurricane Maria slammed into the Caribbean island of Dominica causing millions of dollars in damage to the entire island. Maria was a category 3 hurricane the day before hitting Dominica and quickly escalated to a dangerous category 5 hurricane (the most deadly and most destructive hurricane) hours before hitting the island.

The total damage is still being calculated and so far, the death toll was close to 40 (at the time of writing this cause). Just like the passing of Tropical storm Erika, the villages of Coulibistrie and Colihaut were particularly hard hit. Many lost the roof of their houses to the hurricane strength winds and their ground floors were flooded by the river.

With so much damage done to the island, Dominica needs your help. Please donate to this worthy cause! Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated, no matter how small.