Mahaut after Tropical Storm Erika




Tropical Storm Erika Relief

Dominicans woke up on Thursday morning, August 27, to one of the most devastating storms ever to impact the country. Tropical Storm Erika dumped 12 inches of rain on the island in just over six hours, leaving in its wake death, destruction and untold damage and forcing the evacuation of two villages.

Repairing the damage to roads, bridges and buildings, and replacing destroyed equipment will cost over $100 million more than the country’s entire 2015/2016 national budget. Repairing lives will take a whole lot more.

The Prime Minister declared that the storm had set the country back 20 years and that the rebuilding task ahead would be monumental.

Homes, airport, schools, churches, hospitals all need to be rebuilt or refurbished and the islands citizens need to be fed and clothed, and in the cases of the two evacuated communities, housed.

Neighboring countries and international donor agencies have stepped in to help, but it will require a sustained effort to help Dominica and Dominicans get back on their feet.

This is why your help is needed urgently. So please give generously.