The Northeast USA Wesley Committee (NEUSAWC)

The Northeast USA Wesley Committee (NEUSAWC), as the Chapter was originally called, was formed in 2008 in response to the Government’s call for Dominicans in the Diaspora to organize and assist with their village’s reunion efforts. Recognizing the need for sustained support of their Village, the majority of the Chapter’s founding members, decided to continue working towards further community development – implementing or supplementing village projects and assisting villagers in need – at home and in the United States.

The Chapter acts as the catalyst that brings Wesleyans living in the Northeastern United States together socially and strives to bridge the gap between those residing here and those at home. The Northeast USA Wesley Chapter holds steadfast to its primary mission of working together to improve the quality of life in our community here and back home, at Wesley. It achieves this by executing a calendar of successful community events that bring people together and raise funds to deliver its mission.

In 2015, the Committee became the first Chapter of the Association of Dominicans in the Northeast USA, Inc.

Chapter Initiatives

  • Full Scholarship Program for students from the Village over the past 6 years
  • Wesley Primary School Lunch Program
  • Provision of Medical suppliers to the Wesley Village Health Centre
  • Installation of Street Lights throughout the Village
  • Construction of a Bus Stop and provision of Street Signs for main roads
  • Equipment for Destiny’s Reach Village playground project

The Executive Committee of the Chapter

  • Hyrum David, President
  • Barney Joseph, Vice President
  • Bernard Brown, Treasurer
  • Fellena Telemaque, Secretary
  • Niketa Pond, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

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